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Hello , I´m Rodrigo Medina and I´m the creator and editor of DesignPlaygrounds. I´m a computational designer currently working in the fields of architecture and interactive design via programming languages.

I´ve worked for two and a half years at Rojkind Architects leading the experimental design research division of the office, being responsible for the implementation of Parametric Design Systems and Generative design strategies into a wide variety of large scale projects , currently I provide independent consultancy and give lectures and workshops on different cities.

Design Playgrounds was founded in 2008 and it currently operates as an online publication that covers the fields of architecture, digital & interactive design.

We have a strong focus on featuring projects that deal with computational design and new technologies ,so you´ll regularly see posts related with parametric design , interactive applications , digital fabrication , kinetic installations etc..

We do not claim ownership for the images or work posted on here, we simply have appreciation for all those creatives out there who are making amazing work. We always provide links and credits from the creators however please contact us if you want this to be done in a particular way or if you simply want any image to be removed.


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