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F(AA)SHIONS Jorge Ayala / Christoph Eppacher

Jorge Ayala & Christoph Eppacher Studio Master
Within the framework of fashion, designers recognize the value of innovation and surprise in clothing designs and spectacle within seductive displays of retail to attract press, clientele and capital to continue this same endless process season after season.

Unlike many fashion designers whose brandings, shows and stores are broadcast by ‘pop’ promoters, our studio will seek to reject the features of the fashion system, such as: its emphasis on seasonal novelty and the repetitive ideas and shapes across collections (ex, clouds filled with stars covering a blue sky).
We will work towards a mutual understanding of various couture forms so that we can computationally adjust their spatial characteristics. On the edge of couture’s technological transformation, we will rapid prototype templates that stage sharp, raw, urban, experimental and alien spatial apparel logics.

About the instructors:
Jorge Ayala Mexico

City born, Jorge Ayala is the founder and principal of [Ay]A Studio. [Ay]A is an international design studio committed to cutting edge research and experimentation, across scales.[Ay]A engages the field of design, architecture and landscape urbanism in both theoretical and professional praxis.
In 2010 Jorge became the Director of AA Visiting School in Paris hosted by Musée des Arts Décoratifs, an intensive design-based programme combining novel production in fashion and architecture. Jorge also leads the Landscape Urbanism Lab at ESA Ecole Speciale d’Architecture Paris, a design research engaging large scale systems and complex organisational strategies. Both academic programmes have been displayed in many online publications and are exhibited at La Galerie d’Architecture de Paris.
Jorge has lectured in Toronto, Lausanne, Paris, Rome, Sardinia,Beijing, Nanjing and others. He has led workshops widely in Mexico, Italy, France, and with the AA Landscape Urbanism in the UK and China. He is a visiting professor at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland and TEC de Monterrey in Mexico. He is a guest critic at Paris Malaquais School of Architecture and Cornell University inRome.

Christoph Eppacher
CEPP graduated with distinction from the Innsbruck University in Austria in Nov. 2009. His diploma project, the Cinema for Silent Movies in Odessa was made under the supervision of Prof. Stefano de Martino at the Studio1 in Innsbruck. He did several design seminars at the Studio Prof. Patrik Schumacher, Advanced Studio Alex Graef, and was a technical assistant for rapid prototyping at the Institut fuer experimentelle Architektur Hochbau/Innsbruck. Christoph has taught various computation and rapid prototyping workshops at the University of Innsbruck, the University of Lincoln/UK and was part of the Smart Geometry Workshop in NYC 2007.
In fall 2010 Christoph was teaching at the Institute of experimental studies in Architecture at the University of Innsbruck, as a teaching assistant of Prof. Patrik Schumacher.
In Nov. 2010 he was shortlisted for the Austrian Architectural Outstanding Artist Award (Förderpreis experimentelle Tendenzen) and publicated his project in the Architektur & Bau Forum – special edition.