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Landesgartenschau Exhibition Hall (ICD/ITKE)

Landesgartenschau Exhibition Hall_04
(all images from ICD/ITKE)

The Landesgartenschau Exhibition Hall is an architectural prototype building and a showcase for the current developments in computational design and robotic fabrication for lightweight timber construction. Funded by the European Union and the state of Baden-Württemberg, the building is the first to have its primary structure entirely made of robotically prefabricated beech plywood plates. This newly developed timber plate construction is made possible through integrative computational design, simulation, fabrication and surveying methods resulting not only in a highly performative and resource efficient plate shell structure but also in innovative architecture.

Landesgartenschau Exhibition Hall_01

Landesgartenschau Exhibition Hall_03

Landesgartenschau Exhibition Hall_02

ICD Institute for Computational Design: Prof. A. Menges (PI), Tobias Schwinn, Oliver David Krieg
ITKE Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design: Prof. J. Knippers, Jian-Min Li
IIGS Institute of Engineering Geodesy: Prof. Volker Schwieger, Annette Schmitt
Müllerblaustein Holzbau GmbH: Reinhold Müller, Benjamin Eisele
KUKA Roboter GmbH: Alois Buchstab, Frank Zimmermann
Landesbetrieb Forst Baden-Württemberg: Sebastian Schreiber, Frauke Brieger
Landesgartenschau Schwäbisch Gmünd 2014 GmbH: Karl-Eugen Ebertshäuser, Sabine Rieger
Video by Cinq Visuals
Photograph of sand dollar (Gerber & Nebelsick, University of Tübingen)
Microscopic image of sand dollar (Nebelsick & Grun, University of Tübingen)