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Pudelma Pavillion

Pudelma Paviljonki_02
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Pudelma is a pavilion inspired by the traditions of Finnish wood-working and created as part of the European Capital of Culture Program. “Pudelma” is a combination of the Finnish words puu (wood) and kudelma (web of), and is composed of 490 CNC shaped Kerto-Q wood beams which range from 2-6 feet in length. Originally erected in City Hall Park in Turku, Finland as a temporary installation, the pavilion has since become a permanent city landmark.

The project combines state-of-the-art computer-aided manufacturing methods as well as tranditional wood-working techniques. A basic mortise and tenon joint was utilized for almost every connection. Each beam either receives of abuts to four other beams creating a highly stable weave pattern. The use of CNC fabrication resulted in extremely high tolerance, allowing the entire structure to work in compression with no glue, and minimal screws.

Pudelma Paviljonki_01
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Pudelma is the product of collaboration between Columbia University and Olu University, coordinated by Philip Anzalone and Rainer Mahlamaki.
Project advisors:Eero Lunden, Brigette Borders, Ravi Raj, Matti Sanaksenaho, and Markus Wikar.
The design / build team includes: Charlie Able, Joe Brennan, Therese Diede, Justin Fabrikant, Taneli Heikkila, Taavi Henttonen, Lotta Kindberg, Michaela Metcalfe, Victoria Monjo, Sampo Ojala, Jocelyn Oppenheim, Olli Parviainen, Alli Perttunen, Chris Powers, Roula Salamoun, Tuulikki Tanska, Helena Tasa, and Shuning Zhao.