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The New DesignPlaygrounds


Starting today, DesignPlaygrounds becomes the official company blog for ThinkParametric. I would like to share some of the reasons of why we are doing this and what´s coming up next.

Over the years DesignPlaygrounds has gone through several changes, initially it started as a personal blog to share my humble beginnings on computational design and later on it evolved into an online publication that featured computational & interactive design projects. I’ve always thought this community deserved a place with high quality content and over the last year for different reasons we weren’t producing something we were proud of anymore. That is why we decided to make a pause these last months to think what the future of this publication would be.

After giving it a lot of thought, we realized that the last thing our community needs is another “Look at this project”-blog showing images of projects without giving any useful insights or giving nothing more than some vague inspiration. Instead, we realized that our most popular posts where the “how to do this”-ones where people could learn something more tangible and useful.

That is why we decided to transform DesignPlaygrounds to ThinkParametric´s official blog to share our company ideas, opinions and educational material. This means that in the future you can expect more crafted pieces focusing on technological and educational topics. But hey, if you are still thirsty for projects and news, we have created DesignHunt.io, a news aggregator site to gather all the best content out there! The best part is that you can contribute to it by adding your news and having the ability to up-vote your favorite content, so please give it a look and help us make it more relevant by actively participating in it!

We also want to take this opportunity to welcome the ideas of other people. We’re going to actively seek for guest writers, so if you are interested in the intersection of technology, architecture and design, this is your place to be! Weather you want to share a specific skill or express your opinion on a subject, please contact us, we like bold ideas. Drop us a line at hello[at]thinkparametric.com and we´ll get you started.

If you’re a bit nostalgic about this change, don´t worry, all our archive will remain intact so you can still browse through the old stuff. We’re going to make a Top Digest so you can easily find our more popular content.

Thanks to everyone that has followed this blog over the years. Your interest and support have made it possible that we could evolve into something bigger. We’re not going anywhere, we’re just getting better!