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ThinkParametric goes 500Strong

ThinkParametricINSIDEHi there !! just a quick 2015 update we´ve been working hard for a while and today we are happy to announce that ThinkParametric is now part of 500Startups one of the most prestigious Inversion and Accelerator programs in Silicon Valley, which means we are being backed and advised by the best network of mentors in technology companies that is out there.

ThinkParametric started as a simple project out of true love for what we do, which over the last months has evolved into something more broad and ambitious. We truly believe technology is the new driving force of Architecture and the Building Industry and is our goal to help students and professionals to stay up to date with the latest advancements to help them design better buildings.

This is just the beginning of an exciting journey, the stakes are high but we are up for the challenge, in order to deliver our mission in the way we have envisioned we are going to require the talents and skills of great people, I´m sure these people lie within this community, so we are going to start reaching out for some of you over the next days, in any case if you like what we are doing don´t hesitate in sending me a message at rodrigo[at]thinkparametric.com and share your ideas with us.

Lastly but not less important I would like to thank all our early adopters, we owe everything to you, your support and interest have been instrumental to validate our reason to exist and be able to try bigger things, we love you !!

Keep learning and keep building !!

-Rodrigo Medina