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Archipelago Pavillion

During the summer of 2012 a pavilion built entirely of precision cut steel is exhibited at Röhsska Museum of Design, Gothenburg, Sweden. With perforations that sift the light and with joints that are put together by hand, it serves as a focus point in the big courtyard while visitors can relax in the shade.

The pavilion is parametrically designed in Grasshopper and Rhino, and loads, sun and shade, and material use has been optimized. Steel sheets of 2 mm have been laser cut and rolled at the factory and then assembled by hand in situ.

The pavilion is a collaboration between Röhsska museum of Design, Chalmers University of Technology and Ribo-verken, and is the result of 33 Architecture students’ work during one semester, in the master level class ‘Material and Detail’. After selecting one initial design, 33 students have worked to develop the design, and to turn the project into a pavilion which is safe and constructable.
The purpose of the course is to explore digital fabrication and to turn it into a real, built architectural project.