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Augmented Structures by Salon 2

The first stage in the Augmented Structures project by Salon 2 is the Augmented Structures v1.1: Acoustic Formations / stiklâl Caddesi installation which reanimates phenomena (architecture, sound and visual arts) that appear to be completed and concluded. The acoustic memory of ?stiklâl
Caddesi is first transformed into an architectural surface and then this solid form became a dynamic visual performance.

The project brings together disparate disciplines like architecture, sound and the visual arts which influence one another to such a degree that it is impossible to separate them. While the project aims to interpret the world in visual and aesthetic terms, in its capacity as an “interdisciplinary transformation” project it also questions the point where art and architecture stand today and the point they might reach in future. This is a project that forces each discipline to alter its own “material” state; transforming sound into mathematics, mathematics into architecture and architecture into a living canvas, while presenting the viewer with a new media experience that is multi-levelled, produces sound, moves and breathes.

The performance takes place on the Galatasaray side of Yap Kredi Cultural Centre, one of the urban landmarks on ?stiklâl Caddesi, which numbers among Istanbul’s most lively and popular streets. Blending the city’s own levels with those of differing disciplines, the performance celebrates their transformation into a multi-level new media art work as an urban experience.