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Bloomberg pavilion by akihisa hirata

Designed by Akihisa Hirata, the Bloomberg Pavilion Project is located at the entrance of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.

The pavilion’s form is derived from the structure of a tree and intends to provide shade to the immediate area. a triangular footprintwith crisp planar walls begins to unfold at the roof plane into a series of pleats. the hyplane structure is comprised of white metal panels in the shape of isosceles triangles. the bends create a curving wall which reflects and introduces a soft light into the interior.

“I wondered what would happen if the walls were to keep growing upwards and present an uneven surface like ‘pleats’. Pleats resemble a tree in the way that they spread out and capture the sun and I felt that they would produce a bright, impressive exterior. I also thought that the space beneath this surface would present a relaxed atmosphere, similar to that of tree shade that would be an ideal quality for an exhibition space.”