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Boxel Pavilion

(images by Dirk Schelpmeier, Marcus Brehm)
Boxel is an experimental pavilion designed and built by students of the architecture of the university of applied sciences in detmold, Germany.The pavilion has the shape of a minimal surface and it has been built with more than 2.000 beer boxes placed all over the surface form.

The task for the student was to construct a 1:1 scale summer pavilion using digital design and fabrication tools.The pavilion was designed using a parametric design software to populate and control the position of the boxes in relation to the overall surface afterwards the design was simulated and optimized using fem-software for pharmacies online structural purposes.

‘boxel’ was led by professor marco hemmerling and visiting professors Matthias Michl, David Lemberski, Guido Brand and Claus Deis.

via – @designboom