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BreadedEscalope Designstudio

Some days ago the good friends from @fluidforms tweeted out this interesting design initiative called BreadedEscalope that even do they don´t use digital generative processes that would be the normal case for this blog they do have an aspect I consider one of the most important for a design firm to be successful this days which is allowing social interaction in the design process.
Instead of the conventional design of products this guys are  making  statements or work design performances as they call them , trying to engage people in the creation process , for example its Original Stool project (demostarted in the video) shaped by a unique process whereas the appearance of each product stands in immediate connection with its place of production , by using a hollow orb with a flexible mold inside filled with mix of resin which then is rolled out to interact with the terrain – surrendered to the formative surrounding , were the unique rotations and variations are recorded by the flexing walls of the mould.

About BreadedEscalope (from the site)
Sascha Mikel, Martin Schnabl and Michael Tatschl finished their education with a Masters degree in product & spatial design in London 2007.
After eight years in common design related education, they established a synergetic way of working and developed >breadedEscalope<, their studio.

bE creates socially sustaining artifacts and systems that raise questions and challenge  common meanings Buy Propecia & general perceptions.
The outcome is poetic, functional and communicative, full of meaning and character.

“Objects or systems are never just aesthetic; we understand design to be more than beautification.  We create, to open versatile channels of experiencing environments, objects, or products. ”

The “statements”-their results of artistic product research, get manifested in small series, manufactured or commissioned by bE.
These approaches and experiments define the further treatment in applied work, regarding projects and services upon third parties.

bE is a fraction of the platform GOTO.
GOTO holds an international body of artists from various fields and professions and works as an extended network of creative resources.