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Chelsea Xpo Pavilion [Grasshopper]

Today I spotted a this  project at designboom.com , interesting  to see the growing number of  students and researchers are exploring new possibilites of design through the use of digital technologies ( in this case the use of Rhino and Grasshopper) and its production process.

Chelsea Xpo Pavilion Project is directed by Cyril Shing, Senior Lecturer of BA Interior Spatial Design (ISD) in collaboration with Yiching Liu (Platform 2 Tutor), Daniel Piker (creator of Kangaroo – physics engine for Grasshopper) and Platform 2 final year students. The pavilion marks the achievements of Platform 2’s idea of digital creativity and addresses issues of sustainability through consideration of the use of materials and the development fabrication processes.

The project were set and work with different disciplines including textile designer, materials engineer , programming engineering to explore platform agenda. This collaborative exercise also allows students and researchers to be able to question a number of design issues. E.g. the sustainability concerns, method of production and use of materials.

The pavilion is sponsored by Speedo and is constructed using 200 LZR Racer swimming suits wich due to recent changes in rules for competition couldn´t be used for competition , resulting in a remarkable structure. The project objective was to re-use this product, the LZR racer as an architectural component to think about the sustainability approaches in the design and fabrication process. With the integration of digital technology.

The pavilion is located at the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground which is opposite to the Tate Britain on Atterbury Street, SW1. It is part of this year’s Chelsea College undergraduate summer show and London Festival of Architecture 2010.

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