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CHROMAesthesiae by SOFTlab

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CHROMAesthesiae is the new work from the guys of SOFTlab the new york based design studio,it is a new installation for the devotion gallery in Brooklyn where it will be until April 5th, 2010.
In this case they have recurred to the method of tesselation using laser cut photo glossy ink jet paper whit some nice color gradients as panels to create some flower like pieces.A very clever and fun way of using everyday materials like paper and binder clips together whit digital fabrication methods to create a very remarkable piece of art.

ARTIST’S STATEMENT (taken from devotion gallery site):

Our installation work is always a chance for us to push some of the more experimental ideas and techniques produced by our studio. There is always nostalgia for some of the ideas in the studio that never really get a fair chance to be fully tested. These ideas are usually the ones that are a little more radical in their agenda or implementation. It is this threshold of implausibility that we like to test with our installations, they are a chance for us to explain what our studio dreams about when it sleeps.

Through an efficient complexity, we try to offset a form of extreme digital design and fabrication with a simple and playful idea. Every piece is meant to showcase the space between the anxiousness and optimism that exists in every experiment. As architects we can’t really control ourselves, so every project turns into a spatial installation. We have realized that it is the spatial nature of these pieces that invite them to be experienced rather than viewed. We take advantage of this invitation to propose new ways to organize, see, feel, and make things. These Installations become the vehicles for us to blend the studio’s dreams about color, fabrication, geometry, material, space and all other mediums that we use in the studio.  In that sense, the work is an extension of the studio in its purest form.

An exciting part of this type of work is that it always re-injects itself back into the studio and helps invigorate the more typical work that we do. Our hope is that we will begin to blur the line between everyday design and art.