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CHROMAtex.me by SOFTLab

Another interesting project for your consideration to support, SOFTlab is producing an installation at the bridgegallery in the lower east side of Manhattan. For a month, starting August 26th,CHROMAtex.me will fill a small part of the world with one of our favorite things: COLOR! , please visit their kickstarter project they have a very cool reward system.

CHROMAtex.me from SOFTlab on Vimeo.

Starting NOW, a team at SOFTlab is preparing the documents to get the project going. Here are a few facts that make this installation worth the attention and involvement:
1. It will be made of around 5,000 panels.
2. Each panel will have a unique color that when assembled will combine to make an amazing gradient.
3. The whole structure will be held together using binder clips!

In order to make this project happen, they need to complete the final design, print color on + or – 3,960’ of super high gloss photo paper, laser cut the paper into their specific geometry, clip the pieces together, and install the final piece. There’s a lot to do and a short amount of time to do it!

If you can help them offset some of the costs they will reward you with pieces from the original installation! Every cent you give will go towards materials such as paper, ink, fasteners, lights, etc.

Along with their Kickstarter campaign and the production of the installation, these guys will track where the  support is coming from. After you donate,you must leave a message containing your name, where you are located, and a picture to be uploaded on a Google Map found here www.chromatex.me

You can also see how many panels have been given names at www.chromatex.me! Pass the word along and help this guys tag the entire installation with supporters!