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CLOUD Sculpture by Troika

A couple of days ago I posted on our Facebook page a video of a digital sculpture from Troika , I really like it a lot so I decided it was worth of making a post . The project is called The Cloud and is a 5m long digital sculpture that has a surface covered with 4638 flip dots which can flip from one side to another with a magnetic electric pulse, each dot can be individually controlled by a computer software created in Processing which allows the animation of the entire skin.

To create this piece they inspired in the Flip-dots which were conventionally used in the 70s st signs in train-stations and airports. The sounds of the flipping dots as well as the animations created with silver and black dots creates really beautiful and mesmerizing patterns across the whole surface.

CLOUD by TROIKA from Troika on Vimeo.

Additional Information (from the site)

The sculpture is located in Terminal 5 in the atrium hall that leads to the British Airways First Class Lounges. The brief from British Airways was open and simple: create a signature piece that marks the entrance to the First Class Lounges and signifies prescription drugs online without prescription the transition between the busy shopping floor and the calm and serenity of the lounges. Working from the idea of clouds and the contrast between the busy, hectic airport experience and the calm, luminous and ethereal world that we discover as we fly through this dense layer we came up with the basic metaphor, atmosphere and form of the installation.