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Continuum by Mary Huang [processing]

Continuum is the latest project of designer Mary Huang ,it is an interesting blend of rapid fabrication, interactive software, and the the use of web platforms, to let individuals participate directly in the design and production process of products .
Concept Idea
With computational design there is the opportunity to not only create beautifully intricate forms, but to define a design according to its governing processes and user interactions. This project sought to mediate between the avant-garde and ready-to-wear, between individual users and a designer’s vision. Could we use technology to democratize haute couture? Could we let people design their own dress, and still maintain a cohesive, recognizable design?

About the Process
The software application was created in Processing. The generated dress models can be exported as .obj files. While you could export the flat triangles directly from the application, for production it was not favorable to have hundreds of individual triangles that have to be cut and pieced together. The code could be optimized in a number of ways for better streamlining of digital production practice, but I prioritized refining interaction design and producing finished models over heavy immersion into computer science problems. Therefore, for the prototype pieces, I imported the .obj files into Blender, and then was able to fix stray triangles and export flat patterns using the UV unwrap.

Try it online at continuumfashion.com