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Crystalline Chlorophyll by Joseph Gray

(all images from Joseph Gray site)
During this month I took a weekly on-line course of processing an arduino for creating interactive visuals an installations , Joseph Gray was the professor of this course, he really is a talented guy so I decided to dig into his work and find some cool projects like this one.

Crystalline Chlorophyll is an interactive digital sculpture. Its surface starts as an icy-crystalline shimmering and is slowly overcome by a verdant-green growth of texture during the course of the exhibition based on the movement of the visitors observing it. By tracking movement in the room it randomly adds a bit of green to the surface using generative pseudo-organic image algorithms.

The sculpture changes from a barren-static surface to a lush-vibrant one based on human presence in the room. If the sculpture is left alone for a while the mossy layer decays revealing the crystal-like surface again, waiting for the next group of visitors.

Crystalline Chlorophyll is sculpture built from a 3D virtual model using cutouts from the models triangles printed on 11X17″ cardstock. The surface of the sculpture is painted with white gesso.

Two video projectors project from opposite sides onto the sculptural surface. The projected imagery is generated using real-time imaging software. The images are corrected for distortion by mapping textures to a 3D model of the real-world object, utilizing techniques also found in video game technology.

Crystalline Chlorophyll from Joseph Gray on Vimeo.

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