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Design Research at its best

Here are some of the different design research initiatives I have been following for almost two years now , some of them operate as architectural firms , other ones as design platforms or collectives , but what I think is great of them is that they are doing what many other designers should be concerned in doing , that is the massive communication of their ideas instead of the massive production of their designs, this organizations characterize for being always looking for new approaches to design combining technology , advanced mathematics and the study of emergence in nature, not just to achieve new forms for buildings or products but to create a whole new methodology in the way we approach design problems.

I like that this practices dedicate many of their time to teach others by giving lectures and workshops all over the place, this helps ideas to propagate at much faster rate which I think will enable to see many of the conceptual ideas being generated become a reality very soon. So go ahead and check out their work, some of them have wikis , and special zones where they share codes and bits of their research which are very useful.

Material Ecology by Neri Oxman an architect and researcher whose work attempts to establish new forms of experimental design and novel processes of material practice at the interface of design, computer science, material engineering and ecology.

Skylar Tibbits
SJET was initiated by Skylar Tibbits, as a catalogue and source of inspiration for work in experimental computation + design. SJET remains open to growing opportunities that provide for investigation in architecture & design, fabrication, computer science, robotics, media, art, electronics.


THEVERYMANY created by Marc Fornes is design studio and collaborative research forum engaging the field of architecture via “Explicit and Encoded protocols”. Territory for design(AND/AS/FOR/FROM)research via Rhinoscripting


EMERGENT is a platform for architectural experimentation created by Tom Wiscombe, dedicated to the transfer of techniques, logics, and sensibilities from science, technology, and computation into architecture. EMERGENT’s primary directive is to move beyond categorical thinking and the stratification of building systems toward a more integrated future.

SPAN is a Vienna based Architecture Firm , headed by Matias del Campo and Sandra Manninger, is driven by a compulsive desire to speculate about architectural opportunities in the presence of animated matter, organic entities and their underlying geometrical and mathematical logics. Their award winning architecture designs fuse these obsessions into projects applying the most advanced digital design tools and cast them into form by computer-controlled machinery.


Biothing is a design research initiative created by Alisa Andrasek ,working on an algorithmic articulation of the interface between the material behaviors and computational instruments in an attempt to engage with complexity. Computational patterns are understood as deep in terms of their potential to produce expressions at various scales. At the core of the work is an accumulative library of scripts and methods for their trans coding, networked with constraints of materials, structure, aesthetics, fabrication and assembly.


drugs online without prescription style=”color: #00ccff;”>Kokkugia is an international design practice based in london and new york that operates through design, research, experimentation and teaching. kokkugia works across scales on design projects in a range of fields including architecture, urban design and industrial design. kokkugia’s ongoing design research involves the creation of generative design methodologies developed from the complex self-organising behavior of social, biological and material systems.

  • julius eastman

    a majority of those sites are tired, and rarely updated with anything more then a shiny render or two.

    it’s the peeps that document their work/ explorations that should championed, not just those who are all about self-promotion.

    good ones :

  • Rodrigo

    Hi Julius thanks a lot for your comment I agree perhaps many of this sites aren´t updated or share their process as much as we would like however we can´t deny all the background and apportation these people are making ,personally for me they have been the motivators to get me into this subjects.

    But I also agree with you, there are other great talented people wich deserves to be called out like the ones you mention , thanks a lot for sharing your links , i didn´t knew livecomponents-ny they have a really amazing job.

    Lets hope design research becomes more open than it already is.