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Dodecaudion – HEDOCO

Hedoco is a new brand that employs a different collaboration model between the product’s inventor, manufacturer and customer. Open Source technologies provide the basis for this model, allowing the buyer to freely create and alter the products. This kind of activity blazes a new trail in the Polish market, particularly in the field of fashion and design.

Hedoco offers products created by young Polish designers and engineers. Users can buy them in our online shop or make them themselves, for their own use. To do it, they just need to click to the “do it yourself” section of the site and download the projects or technological specifications free of charge– says Piotr Grabowski, President of Modern Arts Management company and Hedoco brand co-founder.
First products offered by the online shop are fashion accessories – ledBag and Eleven Brothers bags – and Dodecaudion, a high-tech gestural music controller. All three products stand out from others that the market offers.

What is Dodecaudion? It is the effect of collaboration of panGenerator group and the Hedoco brand. In a nutshell, Dodecaudion is a a spatial music controller in the form of a regular dodecahedron. Each face of this device has an ”eye” with integrated infrared sensor which collects information on the presence and distance of the musician’s hands. Therefore, Dodecaudion is a gestural instrument which requires the artist to move his/her hands and the entire body, get the palms closer to the device and take them away, and shape them in various configurations. In this way, Dodecaudion offers novel, extraordinary stage possibilities: while generating sounds, the user moves and at the same time creates a new dimension of music during a performance or concert.

In the future, we are going to experiment with Dodecaudion’s platform software, so that it could really control daily chores, for example in the integrated house management system. We believe the device will soon be calling the tune. Following Hedoco’s motto – “Design. Innovation. You – we aim to discover other applications of Dodecaudion and we already see its great potential – says Piotr Grabowski, President of Modern Arts Management, and Hedoco brand co-owner.

The heart of Dodecaudion is Arduino, an electronic platform integrated with the device, which could be used thanks to the idea of open technologies (Open Source as well as Creative Commons and MIT licences). Arduino collects data from all sensors and transfers them to the computer, so they can be used not only during live concerts, but also in any other way, from sound processing and synthesis to creating visual effects.

The use of open Arduino platform gives artists unlimited access to the instrument’s functions and allows for its reprogramming and customization to answer individual needs. It is the asset of Open Source which allows users to search for new solutions and applications themselves.

The concept, developed by four visionary artists forming panGenerator group, emerged in autumn 2010. Six month later, Modern Arts Management company joined the project and the work accelerated. Financial support of Hedoco brand owners brought results: in July 2011, panGenerator constructed the Dodecaudion’s prototype, and in August the first concert to test the instrument was held.