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eCLOUD interactive installation [processing]

(all images taken from the eCLOUD project website)

eCLOUD is an interactive installation created by Dan Goods, Nik Hafermaas, and Aaron Koblin which aprooved as part of the Art & Technology program at the airport of  San Jose city.The eCloud is a dynamic sculpture inspired by the volume and behaviour of an idealized cloud. Made from unique polycarbonate tiles that can fade between transparent and opaque states , its patterns are transformed periodically by real time weather data from around the world.

eCLOUD from Dan Goods on Vimeo.

Several technologies were implemented for the realization of this project.

Liquid crystal: It’s normal state is opaque, but when a little electricity is added, it goes transparent. In the past decade or so, manufacturers have begun to use it in larger pieces on windows buy generic drugs online to provide privacy and protection from the sun. Through the use of custom software and circuitry, creators were able to simulate the look and behavior of weather patterns from around the world.

Dynamic Display :Weather that from all around the world can be shown on a large dynamic display that is running a custom software which pulls data  about international weather conditions. This data is used to create a simulation representing weather from any of the international locations. The software, was written in Java and was built upon Processing . Each panel’s position is logged in the software and is distance checked against the particle simulator which simulates clouds, rain, ice, storms, etc..

Cicuitry:The eCloud has 100 custom designed circuit boards that control the liquid crystal pixels. As information is sent from the master computer, it goes to the circuit boards, then they tell each pixel wether to turn on or off. Each board can have up to 30 pixels attached to it.

Dynamic Display for eCLOUD from Dan Goods on Vimeo.

More information and images of the process can be found at the project website.