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EyeWriter asking for your support !!

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One year ago, TEMPT1 teamed up with a group of artists and hackers from the Graffiti Research Lab, OpenFrameworks and Free Art and Technology communities to develop free and open source eye tracking and drawing software (“EYEWRITER“) that has helped him make art again for the first time since being hospitalized. Not only is he drawing again, but he’s creating new and complex letter forms, designing font libraries and evolving a brand new style using new and old technology in ways no one could have imagined. After seven years of paralysis, Tony has again become a pioneer in a new community of creative individuals who refuse to let neuromuscular diseases stop them from expressing themselves through art.

This Kickstarter campaign is an attempt to raise the money Tony needs to create a new collection of original TEMPT1 artwork and merchandise using the EyeWriter 2.0 software, robotic technology, traditional print-making techniques, as well as his community of friends, fans and peers. Supporting this campaign will not only allow TEMPT1 to continue to make art and express his ideas, but it will give him a chance to again become a professional artist, independently support himself and his family, pay for his medical bills, and make a contribution to the contemporary art world.

This campaign is offering lots of great rewards for its supporters like: screensavers , Custom eye-drawn fonts ,T-shirt designed by TEMPT1 ,A Kanye West edition of the original EyeWriter glasses design made by the EyeWriter development team and some other cool stuff!!

Tempt1 Eyewriter: SE2 EP1 from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

Tempt1: SE2 EP2 from Evan Roth on Vimeo.