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Super Super powered by Bridge is providing Przemiany Festival website visitors with a possibility to engage in the design of the festival stage set. “Przemiany” in polish stands for metamorphosis therefore Super Super created a stage set inspired by the art of origami.
Flat sheet material is folded into 3-dimensional object that take on different functions such as dj stands, partition walls, bar racks and seats. The seats are customized by the public through an online interface provided by Bridge. Mass customization is a natural next step for material culture that went through craft and mass production. At the times of the craft objects where unique but labor costs made them unobtainable for majority. Mass production introduced cheap products that became available for many, but at an expense of standardization. Mass customization brings together the latest advancements in online technologies, digital fabrication and parametric design to actively engage users in creating their own, personal objects at a price that is not higher than the mass produced ones. Customization itself is not new, but examples that go beyond a choice from modular options such as color or the text to be engraved are still rare.

FOLD WARSAW aims to engage the users in creating their own entirely unique furniture.Through a custom online interface users can design the seats, but their choice is constrained to make sure that every object can be manufactured and folded from a single piece of polypropylene. When users are satisfied with their form they can submit it to the “Make your own furniture for Przemiany Festival” competition. A 3d visualization and 2d cutting plans are automatically created. The design joins the pool out of which 60 seats will be selected, produced and then used during the Festival. When the Fesitval comes to an end the seats will be given away to those who created them.
The FOLD WARSAW configurator can be visited HERE

FOLD WARSAW from bridge on Vimeo.