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Hyperform Design Reseach


Hyperform is a collaboration between Marcelo Coelho, Skylar Tibbits, Natan Linder and Yoav Reches with the support of Ars Electronica and Formlabs.

While 3D printers are becoming increasingly accessible and capable of rivaling the quality of professional equipment, they are still inherently limited by a small print volume, placing severe constraints on the type and scale of objects we can create.

Hyperform is a design and research project that attempts to address this problem by identifying computational and material folding strategies that will allow large scale objects to be compressed into a minimal volume to maximize the printing capability of desktop 3D printers. Folding as a computational design and assembly strategy can be found across natural systems, such as in the structures of proteins and DNA, and in industrial applications, which seek to increase efficiency while supporting high degrees of structural complexity, interoperability and reuse.

Hyperform | The Next Idea Award Ars Electronica from Marcelo Coelho on Vimeo.