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I Want You To Want Me Interactive Installation

I Want You To Want Me is an interactive installation that explores the search for love and self in the world of online dating , it was conceived and created by Jonathan Harris & Sep Kamvar(the guys behind the famous wefeelfine project) , and was commissioned by New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

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I Want You To Want Me displays the data from online dating sites and presents it as an interactive installation, displayed on a 56” high-resolution touch screen, hung vertically on a wall in a dark room. On screen is an interactive sky, whose weather (sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy, etc.) can be controlled by the viewer. Through the sky float hundreds of blue (male) and pink (female) balloons, each representing a single dating profile. The brighter balloons are younger people; the darker balloons older. Trapped inside each balloon is one of over 500 video silhouettes, showing a solitary person, engaged in any number of activities (yoga, jumping jacks, nose-picking, air guitar, etc.). The viewer can touch any balloon to select it, causing its photo to dangle from a string and its sentence to appear in a thought bubble overhead. Touching any balloon a second time pops it. The balloons move through the sky along different paths and at different speeds, bumping up against each other, sometimes traveling together for a time, but only ever getting so close, as each silhouette is ultimately confined to its own balloon.

I Want You To Want Me aims to be a mirror, in which people see reflections of themselves as they glimpse the lives of others.