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IAMADISPLAY [processing]

I AM DISPLAY from dada technology on Vimeo.

I Am Display is a light installation facade that has the intention of playing the audience perceptions plays with the perceptions of its audience, created by Valentin Heun , Sagarika Sundaram and Gijs Burgmeijer this installation explores the equilibrium between our senses, our bodies and our surroundings.

Description form the site

There is a sense of inverted communication between man and this man-made machine. It is bigger than our huge screens. It is higher then us and longer than our cars. And instead of doing what we tell it to do, this display does something with us. The viewer experiences a confrontation with a light display. If the display could speak, every word it says would be shouted.

A hand-made object with hand-made electronics, I Am Display measures 2,5 m x 13 m and consists of 182 fluorescent tube lights, delivering 10.000 watts of pure experience.

Interview Gijs from Your Neighbours on Vimeo.

This guys have been kind enough of sharing a Processing demo application of the installation so you can play with it I have personally tried it , and I have to say it is a nice reference if  you´re interested in creating a similar project.