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Innsbruck Airport by Thomas Buseck

A new passenger terminal for Innsbruck airport is the project of Thomas Buseck for its structural design course at University of Innsbruck, institute for experimental design, the main focus of the project lies indeed in structural optimization, rather than a whole architectural project. Nevertheless, following the rules of parametricism it was possible to inform the design process to achieve a coherent overall design. The most interesting thing I found about this project was the integration of different design platforms to create a coherent design workflow for structural and environmental optimization.

You can see more info and images ot the process HERE.

Some words Thomas shared with me about the project and his personal experiences.
About the process:
Basically I’m working always in the framework of parametricism. This implies a focus on the development process (design process) itself.

The very basic workflow was:
1.) Maya for form-finding
2.) Rhino and geometrygym to send data to Oasys GSA for structural analysis
3.) Rhino and geco for environmental analysis
4.) and back again to Maya to refine the shape

I was working a few years now on scripts and tools in various platforms, such as maya, rhino grasshopper and so on. Then I got the great opportunity to do an internship at NOX in 2009 and one at Zaha Hadid Architects in 2010. This showed me the importance of being able to work cross platforms since each platform has its very specific assets and drawbacks. This was basically the kick off for the Airport project. I wanted to practice my cross platform skills. Also, according to the history of architecture it self, I think its time that architects and tool developer split, like architects and engineers did a while ago. I think it is very important to implement and use tools such as these from [uto] and Jon Mirtschin rather then try to develop some very specific for each project.