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Kangaroo – Live physics for #GH3D

Finally the first verison of a project I have been following for a while has been released , Kangaroo Physics is a live physics engine that runs inside the Grasshopper enviorment created by  Daniel Piker.

Some people have aproached this subject of  particles engines into rhino enviorment by passing data from processing using libraries like Traer Physics via UdP  protocol to Grasshopper (I´m one of them) I still consider that mixing processing with Grasshopper is the ultimate winning combiation because of the  huge capabilities and opportinities both softwares have,However  Kangaroo plug in has the benefit of running  inside the grasshopper enviorment in  a much more easy way and without any conversion steps, I think , this plugin is really  going to be a big game changer for the Grasshopper development , so go ahead download it and have fun , and don´t  forget to send your feedback wich is very important for the development of this tools.

Kangaroo – Funicular Structure from Daniel Piker on Vimeo.

Description (taken from the site)
Unlike previous work done by others with interactive spring systems using Java/Processing, Kangaroo works within Rhino – a leading architectural design package, and links directly with its familiar 3D manipulation and modelling tools, with no need for any conversion step.

Working within Grasshopper also makes controlling and customising Kangaroo much more fluid – Users can quickly and easily create their own simple or complex parametric links between a wide range of geometric or other data and the inputs of the simulation, and also use the outputs to build further parametric geometry, and have it all update together as changes are made.

Some very impressive physics solvers for 3D modelling and animation packages already cheap Levitra exist, such as Reactor for Max, and Nucleus for Maya, and the intention with Kangaroo would certainly not be to try and compete directly with these, but rather to make something more specifically geared towards the design of buildable structures.

Kangaroo – Stress Display from Daniel Piker on Vimeo.