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Karsten Schmidt / Open source Identity

Karsten Schmidt in one of the best designers I have recently seen in the fields of computational design, data, interaction, open-source coding & art. Recently he was commissioned by The Victoria and Albert Museum to design an interactive identity for their landmark exhibition buy prescription drugs without prescription Decode:Digital Sensations.

He provide his project as open source code so members of the public could be able to remix or recode the original piece in order to create more artworks from the same project, but that is not all , some of these recoded versions will have the opportunity to be presented at the CBS Outdoor´s XTP screens at the London Underground. You need to submit your works via the V&A website before January 11,2010.


Image by Karsten Schmidt (decode_blue _5332 x 2550)

There is also a interactive GUI version of the work for those who don´t now programming that allow people to change several parameters of the the code by simply controlling some sliders. I have already tried it an its amazing =).

Download the identity & get started at: decode.googlecode.com

V&A Decode generative identity from postspectacular on Vimeo.