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KNITECTONICS research is a thesis project by the architects Sanhita Chaturvedi, Esteban Colmenares and Thiago Mundim as part of the MArch program DRL, the research aimed at exploring digital fabrication systems that facilitate optimized, adaptive and specific integrated architectural solutions.

It is inspired by the beauty of nature systems with their inherent efficiency and performance. The project explored on-site fabrication of monocoques structures, thereby integrating skin and structure, along with services and infrastructure, with a household technique like knitting. It thus embodies a self organized micro system of textures and a macro system of structure. The book elaborates how the numeric aspects of a textile technique were used, first to digitally imitate the process of assembly and further exploited to develop and visualize a novel fabrication system, based on material research and technical experimentation. The digital machinic system was then deployed on a test site to demonstrate the tectonic capacity of the method developed.