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MAD MXX & OFF 2010 Opening Titles

A new season of awesome events of design & digital culture took  place during this months, always amazing to see how artists and designers push the boundaries of  technology to create new stuff  as an example of this we have the opening titles sequences  of the events  which are always amazing.

OFF 2010 , Paris Opening Titles

This year OFFF´s Opening Titles were in charge of  The Mill NY ,who  took the opportunity to debut their new  integrated design and animation team. The languid journey they take us on through the forty-five titles for this years OFFF conference and also displays the immense animation potential of   this new division of the Mill.

About the piece

Jeff Stevens(Director): The original, over arching concept was strength vs beauty and the affinity that each has for the other. At the same time, I wanted to create something that was abstract yet ‘seemingly’ natural. So, creating an environment that was underwater mixed with air began to take shape. Texture was important to me, so when Kim began illustrating, the contours and rawness of materials started to create a landscape and pattern for all of our characters. The best part was that nothing needed to be real. We could have suggested more reality but I think the blend of species, environment, and biomechanics perfectly summed up that affinity I was looking for.

OFFF Paris 2010 Titles from OFFF on Vimeo.

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MAD MXX , Madrid Opening Titles

MAD MXX an event that gathers the  best designers and creative minds,to share their ideas with more than 2000 people.This years edition opening titles were commissioned to Physalia Studio which made use of  a 3d scaning scanning technology for creating the   visual effects of the oppening sequence, which were popularized in Radiohead’s House of Cards video and open source code.

Don´t forget to watch the making of  video at the bottom , It´s always nice to watch the creative process of this kind of works which helps a lot to understand how they were created. If you are interested in creating a similar project I will strongly suggest you to visit Create Digital Motion blog you´ll find more information and resources to make your own 3d scanning scenes.

MAD MMX – Opening Title Sequence from Physalia Studio on Vimeo.

MAD MMX – Opening Title Sequence. Making Of from Physalia Studio on Vimeo.