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By combining cutting-edge OLED technology and mechatronics ART+COM and light fixture manufacturer Selux are opening a new chapter in lighting: The first results of their exploration into kinetic luminaires is a filigree OLED-based fixture named Manta Rhei silently floating in space while continually changing its appearance.

The luminaire consists of 14 1.2-meter long, flexible metal lamellas each of which carries ten paper thin OLED-modules. Thin steel wires attach the blades to small motors hidden in the ceiling. Being individually controllable these motors move the lamellas ends up and down like wings, and permit the 2.4-meter wide fixtures body to perform different movement patterns, e.g. it can float like a manta ray.

Kinetic Luminaire: Manta Rhei from ART+COM on Vimeo.

The lamellas movements and the light animations are controlled both by a program that merges mechanical and light motions to a choreographed unity. One can select from a wide range of pre-programmed choreographies with the help of a tablet-PC, so that the light mood can be adjusted to suit any space or occasion. By using a custom-built intelligent control technology the overall quantity of light emitted from the fixture remains constant. The fixture makes use of minimalistic design language, and as a result it gives the impression of light freely hovering in space. Built of individually combinable modules, it can be scaled to different sizes.

Through the interplay of mechanic motions and dynamic light animations Manta Rhei expands the classical fixture typology and opens a new chapter in lighting. As a next step, and based on this initial concept study, a family of kinetic luminaires will be developed.

Manta Rhei on display from ART+COM on Vimeo.