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(all images form ICD.Stuttgart)

The ICD installation, entitled MATERIAL EQUILIBRIA, exhibits research by Sean Ahlquist on the delicate and simultaneous relationship of articulated material behavior and differentiated structural form. This specific study investigates the variegation of knitted textiles, a jacquard weave of shifting densities, as it influences the structuring of a tensile spatial surface.

Through means of computer-controlled manufacturing, the micro-structure of the knitted textile is varied in order to induce and direct differentiated tensile behaviors across the meso-scale surface. A spring-based modeling environment, programmed in Processing and developed through the on-going research of Sean Ahlquist, is utilized to manipulate the behaviors and equilibrium between tensile surface and bending-active boundary.

The relative values of the computational data-set is translated to specific parameters defining ranges and regions of knit density, as well as stiffness of bounding glass-fiber rods. The resulting material form actively exhibits integrated force-driven behaviors in the expression, the distension, of the interwoven fibers.