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MEMORY CLOUD Installation


Memory Cloud connects the past with the absolute present , using multimedia technology to collapse time and space , celebrating the daily renewal of tradition in the lives of Texas A&M students.

Four thousand points of individually controlled light are housed in 256 acrylic tubes and suspended from an ethereal floating canopy in 12 rows.Each layer can be programed with a unique video from the real time feed or from archival video of past iconic evens. Custom fabricated acrylic disks are made directly from the artist´s digital model and are dimensionally tuned to find the form of the surface of Memory Cloud.

MCL Video 030713 from Andrew Vrana on Vimeo.



Artists: RE:site (Norman Lee and Shane Allbritton)
Architecture and Fabrication Consultation: METALAB (Andrew Vrana, Joe Meppelink, and Thomas Behrman)
Location: Texas A&M University
Materials: 11ga Carbon steel, 16ga Aluminum, Acrylic tubes and disks
Processes: Rhino/Grasshopper, Waterjet and Laser sheet meal cutting and assembly