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MJ v1.0 by Machina

MJ V.1 machina
THE WEARABLE MACHINES PROJECT I MJ v1.0 , Imagine being able to create music by using your body as an interface. Imagine being able to extend that jacket to make it work not only with music, but with whichever devices you have: A Kinect, an iPod, Nike Plus. Machina believes that the way we interact with our clothing is changing; clothing should not only be a way of covering your body while helping you get laid, our relationship with clothing should be much more than that: clothing should be an extension of our body, and they are using wearable technology to do that.

The Technology
The first technology being developed is a midi controller , but the jacket could be adapted to other purposes .
– Four flexible sensors which can detect your finger’s position
– One accelerometer which can detect your arm’s acceleration
– A joystick
– 4 push buttons

All of these sensors and buttons can be configured by the user, but they come with presets and initial configurations. The sensors are invisible except for placeholders. This is to make sure that the jacket can be used as a regular jacket. We want integration to be complete, and that’s why we’re working so hard in making sure that, while the sensors are there, they do not affect the look and feel of the jacket. The jacket looks like a regular jacket, and it can be worn under any condition.

MJ V.1 machina02

The Software
A VST plugin was also developed so that the jacket can be connected to Ableton live wirelessly. iOS and Android applications are also being work out that will allow users to interact with the jacket in a simple way.
MJ V.1 machina03

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