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Montblanc Generative Artworks by Onformative

Berlin based Onformative studio were invited to develop an interpretation of an artwork for Montblanc´s category of watches , the project consists of two elements – delicate linear structures and amorphous bodies – which visualize the characteristics of the brand watches: the highest precision of the movement and the high quality of the materials.
A network of fine lines, rich in detail and connected systematically following logical rules, reflects the fine mechanism and precision of the movement. The unique structure of the network results from the product data of the specific watch. Its appearance changes in a set rhythm thereby continually evoking the Montblanc logo in an abstract manner.
In addition to the movement, other distinguishing characteristics that define a watch are its materials and casing. Amorphous bodies that recall liquid silver and gold emerge from the watch, pick up on the high quality materials and complement the lines, thereby forming a total work of art with its unique DNA that every watch embodies.

For this project an interactive tool was created using processing and all animations are exported without the need of post production. A wide range of t processing libraries were used like toxiclibs for the fluid and GLGraphics to make shading possible, as well as Lee Byrons meshLib and the Ani Tweaning Library by Benedikt Groß for the mesh and its animation and ControlP5 and ProScene for camera and control.