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Mos Cells Interface [Processing]

MOS Cells is a project collaboration between MOS architects and George Michael Brower , another nice example of the several projects I have stumble upon lately regarding user customizable medicine without prescription design interfaces, once again this one was made with Processing.

Project Description
The applet begins with a single unfolded cell. Dragging the edge of a cell towards its center begins a fold. Right clicking and dragging an edge attaches a new cell. The applet is aware of an invisible “floor,” that causes legs to fold twice past a certain length.

You’ll see legs turning blue once they’re folded twice. Right clicking an “edge” causes that leg to become fixed, so that it is always perfectly tangent to the ground, even if the floor height changes in the future. This application was built with Processing.

Floor height & Fixed Legs
A variable floorHeight determines the point at which legs fold. Low floor heights make for larger surfaces, while high floor heights make for longer legs. As the floorHeight value changes, the arcs that make “yellow” legs stay tangent to the ground.

MOS Cells from George Michael Brower on Vimeo.