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(n)arcissus Installation by SOFTlab

purchase drugs online class=”wibiya-img” />(Photos by Marius Watz)
(n)arcissus is the latest projects from the NY based studio SOFTlab , designed and created for the NODE10 event at Frankfurt Germany , as part of a group exhibition curated by Marius Watz and Eno Henze.

The installation is 9 meters tall and is supported by two metal rings located at the top of the site stairwell and the other attached to the lobby ceiling. The surface is composed of over 1000 custom panels which are changing from a squared shape to an X shaped one based on the position of the panel in relation to the space.

A Grasshopper definition and a MEL script for Maya were created for the development of this piece you can see more details of the process at their lab page.