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New Rhino GH3D Kids on the block!!

Contiuning with my follow up of the newest plugins for parametric and Generative design in Rhino, I present you some iniciatives I have tracked down this month , apart from this two plugins I´m showing here there is another important project called RhinoBIM , I´ll talk more about it once I take a look at it.

Firefly is a specialized set of tools created by Andrew Payne from LIFT architects dedicated to bridging the gap between the Arduino interface and Grasshopper. The first release comprises a new toolbar with two custom components. The Serial Read component allows you to retrieve any value coming over the Serial Port. This component is essential for anyone wishing to stream real-time sensor information into Grasshopper. The Serial Write component allows you to write a string value to the Serial Port. This can be a very effective tool for sending parametric data to your Arduino board to control some sort of actuator.

Robofun with Arduino, Grasshopper, FireFly from Chris Wilkins on Vimeo.

The guys from Morphocode have been working on their Rabbit plug-in for Grasshopper and have come up with the 0.2 version of it that has some interesting improvements you can download the tool from their site and remember to give your support if you have the chance.

RABBIT 0.2: New Cellular Automata features:

* user defined initial configurations
* automatic/manual control of the CA evolution
* CA memory – stores all configurations/states of the CA calculated for different time steps(t=0,1,2,3…)

With RABBIT 0.2 you could visualize 2D Cellular automata in 3 dimensions – the third dimension is a function of time.
RABBIT where to buy prescription drugs without prescription 0.2: New LSystems features:

* user defined LSystems
* fractals: Koch curves, Space-filling curves, …
* Branching LSystems
* 2d/3d Turtle interpretation