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New year, new Grasshopper!!!

parametric truss image
Parametric Truss System designed with Grasshopper

Apparently  2010 seems to  be te year of Grasshopper lately we have been watching the appearance  of some grasshopper plugins like Rabbit 1.0 , WaveBird and Modetools developed by independent design studios , I predict this tendency will grow this year and we will see some pretty amazing stuff developed buy drugs for this tool.

If  all this  was not enough  today David Rutten anounced the new WIP version 0.6.0055 Grasshopper 2009 Gold Edition , sounds very fancy right? actually it is this incorporates some new and interesting widgets, one that calls my attention is the Markov widget wich chains to ‘guess’ which component you want to use next based on your behaviour in the past.

I still can remember a little more than a year ago when I downloaded the first version of Grasshopper , (called Explicit History in those days ) it had very few components but for somebody who had to learn rhinoscript the hard way was easy to see the hidden potential of the tool, I ´m happy to see what it has become, with every realease they appear lots of  features I wouldn´t even imagine it could have, can´t really say how version 1.0 is going to be, but I can say its going to be something HUGE for the world of parametric design softwares.

While that happens I invite you to try out this version wich can be downloaded from HERE and as always have fun.

What features do you thing will appear in the future or which ones you thing are missing ?

Improvements for this version (straight from the site)
This release fixes a number of reasonably serious bugs:
– VB and C# components would have problems loading referenced assemblies from unexpected folders. This is (at least somewhat) fixed.
– Enabling objects would fail to properly enable input parameters for components, this is fixed.
– Probably some other ones too, my bookkeeping skills leave something to be desired.

It also offers some new functionality:
– A new Group object has been added. Groups allow you to visually link several components. Group colour cannot yet be changed, but by double clicking the group, the outline mode can be toggled.

– A new Markov widget has been added. This widget uses Markov chains to ‘guess’ which component you want to use next based on your behaviour in the past. It takes a while for it to get accustomed to you as a special and unique and lovable individual, so don’t expect miracles right away.

– A new Profiler widget has been added (off by default). The profiler lists worst-case runtimes for parameters and components, allowing you to track down bottlenecks in networks and to compare different components in terms of performance.

– All widgets now have proper tooltips.

– Mouse picking has been improved. Different actions are now handled better and especially making new wires should be somewhat easier.

– Toolbars now draw separators between different groups of objects. Separators can be disabled via the View menu.

– Fuzzy searching has been improved.

– Scribbles now allow font sizes up to 100pt.

– All Complex Number components have been moved into their own Tab.

– Tabs are now scrollable when the width of all tabs exceeds the width of the window.

And of course a couple of new components (to be honest, I have no idea which ones are new since the last release):

– Repeat Data
– Random Reduce
– Domain Inclusion
– String Concatenation
– Sinc (Sinus Cardinalis) trigonometry function
– Spherical Cloud
– Sort Points
– Vector Rotate and Vector Mass Addition (are these really new? … I forgot)
– Curve Dash pattern
– Nurbs Curve Control Points
– Metaball with custom charge overrides
– Curve self-intersections