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NikeFuel Station by Onformative

NikeFuel Station Installation developed by Onformative is located at Boxpark, which is a pop up shopping mall in the heart of trendy Shoreditch, East London, for the next five years. It that is entirely made out of shipping containers with a unique mix of different fashion and lifestyle brands, galleries and cafés.

A Microsoft Kinect hack allows consumers to immerse themselves in an installation that creates a 3D particle mirror of their body and offers an innovative balance of digital interactivity with physical human experience. The more you move the more your body turns from red to green.

NikeFuel Station from onformative on Vimeo.

While performing in front of the installation all your activity and a video of your digital pixel avatar is recorded, so every move counts. The second you finish recording you can send and share your videos through a custom iPad web app on Facebook and Twitter. Consumers made nearly 2,000 videos in the first month, moving more in a store than they’d ever done before. As a result the installation set a template for the future of retail for athletes in the digital age.