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panGenerator @ Kultura 2.0 / Culture 2.0

(all images from Piotrek Barszczewski blog)

panGenerator was invited by Polish National Audiovisual Institute participate at Culture 2.0 event were they generated three installations using different analog and digital technologies the theme of the event was “Remix culture” so this seems to be a nice approach.

? panGenerator @ Kultura 2.0 / Culture 2.0 from panGenerator on Vimeo.

Chasing Cormorans 2.0
For this installation an old gramophone was used with specially engraved vinyl playing Piotr Szczepanik’s “Goni?c Kormorany” (chasing cormorans).
The whole installation constisted of an USB camera, a laptop and the old gramophone which was hacked by replacing the original engian to another one controlled with Arduino, then a special video tracking software was written in openframeworks which allowed to track persons moving around the gramophone and transpose their movements to speed/direction of the rotating vinyl plate, so visitors could “remix” the recording by just running around.

An installation exploring motion as a medium similar to traditional painting.Motion and sound alters the speed of color change so visitors could create on line pharmacies quite abstract compositions by just moving their body and making some noise. At the end users were able to upload their their created images to live flickr feed by just pressing a push-button on the black box attached to the wall.

Cathode Ray Tube Music
Smart physical installation of analog camera allows the user to control the feedback not only by obscuring the view but also by moving the leaver that controls rotation of the camera. Although the visual side is purely analog the sound is synthesized digitally thanks to video grabbing card and app written in Processing. The algorithm shapes the waveform according to average brightness levels of successive pixel columns.