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PolyPops by TheVeryMany

(All images from THEVERYMANY)
Poly Pops is an installation created by Marc Fornes for the Extension Gallery exhibition with help of the Graham Foundation-

Premise: any systems can be understood as sum of primitives – theory & science argues that ”the whole can be greater then the sum of its parts” – MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY™ has been interested to translate such ideas into architecture up to its physical realm. The research is based on a simple but extreme premise: the exploration through DIY design and production of structures made of MANY parts. Such quest involves the development of computational protocols for the generation of compound morphologies and descriptive geometry, both combined with a necessary logistic of production. As based on numbers (units, time,…) both are constantly evaluate through efficiency in order to make it happen.

Design intend : the quality of such aggregates structures is depending on population / numbers. In order to reach the inherent qualities of distributed field condition one needs MANY singular elements.

Geometry test : (the continuum of a long series of investigation) – minimum of primitives, maximum of diversity.
a minimum of primitives has an interesting property in terms of logistic: it allows to afford molding techniques – as the efficiency for a mold is exponential with number of replicate (due to the original effort and cost needed to develop one).

Material test : written within a series of installation investigating Do It Yourself modes of production, looking into ways to reduce time of production for a single elements in order to be able to produce many. The premise of the research was seeking a time cap less than 30 mins to produce one single finished element of certain complexity in terms of geometry.