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Processing for Architecture

Glorieta Juan Carlos Iby in Mula,Spain by Esc Studio
Processing started as a platform for introducing artists and designers to programming languages for the development of generative graphics , interactive applications and art pieces however as the platform has evolved with the creation of several libraries that implement ever growing new features , some of them bringing whole new technologies to the programming environment , professionals from various fields have found in Processing a very powerful tool for developing projects.

Architects are not the exception given the great capacity of analysis and feedback it can offer for generative form finding and the ease of programming work environments that allows architects create their own software depending on the needs of an specific project, many architectural schools and leading architectural firms have started to include it as a tool for R&D.

So far the majority of the works I´ve seen still are experimental and conceptual initiatives as it always is when using new technologies , however i think as this tool becomes more popularized and more specific libraries like Anar (processing library for parametric modelling ) begin to appear, we will start seeing real built projects using processing as part of their design process like the Glorieta Juan Carlos Iby in Mula,Spain by Esc Studio where they developed a software for social participation in which the public could design it´s own proposal and send it to the authorities for its evaluation.
Here are some of the projects I have tracked down so far , If you find more let me know so we can add them here.

3d voronoi structure – solids from nils seifert on Vimeo.

1UP Design project , fabrication planing for the voronoi structure programmed in processing.

processing particles – relaxation form finding 2 from nils seifert on Vimeo.

Processing particles – relaxation form finding by Nils Seifert

Form finding experiment by dynamic relaxation in processing. The girder depth is calculated by the tension of the surface at each point.

Behavioral system from Krzysztof Gornicki on Vimeo.

Behavioral System from Krzysztof Gornicki

Behavioral analysis system written in Processing for the purpose of msc3 hyperbody studio at the tu delft.

Improvisation on a Digital Space from Enrique Ramos on Vimeo.

Improvisation on a Digital Space by Enrique Ramos

Code-generated space makes possible to define architectures whose configuration can be controlled by all sort of parameters such as pressure, sound and lighting levels. In this video, a performer interacts with the space through light sensors and resistors making it evolve with the music in real time.
This project has been developed with Processing, and Arduino, being the first used for the visualisations and the latter for the physical interface.

Mula – generative software from Enrique Ramos on Vimeo.

Mula Generative Software by Enrique Ramos

Custom software used to generate the “Glorieta de Juan Carlos I” in Mula (Spain), by esc-studio.
The software implements a Voronoi algorithm and allows the user to redefine the circulations and activity areas with a simple mouse drag.
This software will be used in a future public consultation, where the citizens will be able to create their own design proposals for the square within the parameters set by the architects.
For more information, visit esc-studio.com, or  spaceformwords.com

Digital Form Finding – Bat Wing by Kensuke Hotta

AA school Em-tech course work,’DIgital Form Finding’ built with processing (Refer from John Harding)

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