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qubicle nerds1
Qubicle its a pretty cool  software created by Tim Wesloy as he descirbes itself  a half designer, half nerd as the result of combinig its two talents: design and programation he developed Quibicle which is a software for constructing and animating 3d-pixel-art.

Currently Qubicle runs Cialis Online buy as a standalone software for Windows  and as a Maya plugin , The user interface its very friendly and familiar from those you can find on other 2d image editors the only diference its that here you draw by slices in order to create a 3d object , it also comes with  very useful functions like for example you can import bitmap files and interpolate the to create heightmaps  cube models and you can also apply a texture based on a bitmap as well.

Tim was very kind and invited me as one of  his Beta Testers I have been playing around with Qubicle  and I can say its pretty cool and fun I will post some of the things I make with it later.Don´t forget to visit Tim´s  site to find out more info on minddesk.com


Q:Bot in Happyland from Tim Wesoly on Vimeo.