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Rhonda Forever!!!


Hello guys I have been wanting to show all of you this great project for a while but I didn´t had the time, but finally here is it, Im talking about Rhonda a real fun and interesting application were you can make sketches in a 3D environment,The tool is being developed by Amit Pitaru in collaboration with other people like Zach Lieberman , Zach Gage and Ralph Hauwert .

For the last several years Rhonda has been shown in galleries, museums, festivals and conferences, but now they have created a Beta version for people to start testing it have been using it for a while , it can be a little confusing at the beginning but once you get used its a real fun Buy Drugs Without Prescription tool recently the released a version where you can export your sketches in .DFX files which allows for much complex and creative ways of using it.
Even you can use the tool with your mouse I will strongly recommend the use of a digital tablet I have a small one and it really makes it more easy.
So there you have it !! don´t forget to visit their site where you can ask for the Beta versions , and send your feedback.