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Robot Nails by Charles Aweida

Robot Nails by Charles Aweida is an exploration in new media art centered around the concept of creating tangible artifacts from intangible forces. In this case a data visualization generated by the motions of wind.

The creation of this project involed several digita tools like Daniel PikerĀ“s Kangaroo physics engine to simulate the effects of wind of a piece of cloth. The resulting cloth in movement later gets froze int a triangulated surface where information was extracted and transferred as a vector field forming an abstract representation of wind.

Then the resulting vector field was used later to create a series of planes which were used to produce a conflict free path sequence for a robot.The robot instructions are centered around a sequence for the 6 axis arm to pick 6 inch nails from a dispenser and place them one by one into a piece of high density foam at their corresponding angles.

an exploration in art + robotics, representing wind through digital fabrication and the tangible from charles aweida on Vimeo.