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San Gennaro North Gate by SOFTlab

SOFTlab has come up with a need project , a large outdoor installation for The San Gennaro North Gate located at on Mulberry St. between Houston and Prince St in New York. The piece was produced by Two Bridges and supported by St.Patrick’s Old Cathedral.

The geometry was engineered in collaboration with Matt Clark at ARUP and all of the building connections were designed by Nathaniel Stanton of CRAFT Engineering.

Installation will be up until September 25th, 2011

Design Team: Michael Szivos, Carrie McKnelly, Sean Madigan

Installation: Elliot White, Brandt Graves, Sarah Hunter, Liz Kelsey, Brandon Bartle, Sonal Patel, Simon Kristak, Henry Choi, Julia Schleppe, Katherine Salamat, Anthony Buccellato