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Scarves Collection by [Ay]A Studio Jorge Ayala

[Ay]A Studio Jorge Ayala_ Scarves 01

We are happy to share with you the new Fall / Winter Season 2013-2014 Scarves Collection created by our good friend Jorge Ayala who has expanded his entrepreneurial ambition outside the architectural world into the fashion realm , in this occasion broadcasting a range of eight silk digitally-generated scarves made in France.

Jorge Ayala, studied architecture in Paris followed by a Masters Degree at the Architectural Association in London. During his studies of Architecture he mingled scales of design and pluridisciplinar experimentation. Ayala founded [Ay]A Studio in 2011. [Ay]A design research is based on bodily experimentations, throughout digital tools mixed with a procesual physical language and prototyping on 1 to 1 scale.

Parallel to his Parisian lab, Jorge established the AA Visiting School Programme in Paris in partnership with Les Arts Décoratifs (Musée du Louvre) generating affiliations with the high-end market such as Louis Vuitton recently. Under Ayala’s direction, the fashion+architecture workshop gathers each season experts, students and participants from all over the world, from architecture, design and fashion realm.

In 2013, Ayala has expanded his practice onto a wearable clothing design line under the label Jorge Ayala to be launched this summer in Paris Fashion Week. Tailoring to human scale all [Ay]A Studio formal processes and spatial generators.

All details and architectural silhouettes soon on : www.ayalacollection.com

Shop at www.ayalacollection.com/scarves

[Ay]A Studio Jorge Ayala_ Scarves 02

[Ay]A Studio Jorge Ayala_ Scarves 03

[Ay]A Studio Jorge Ayala_ Scarves 04

[Ay]A Studio Jorge Ayala_ Scarves 05

[Ay]A Studio Jorge Ayala_ Scarves 06

[Ay]A Studio Jorge Ayala_ Scarves 07

[Ay]A Studio Jorge Ayala_ Scarves 08