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Seed of Truce by TanglibleInteraction

Seed of Truce is an interactive installation created by Tangible overseas online pharmacy Interaction commissioned by Canada’s Governor General MichaĆ«lle Jean.The objective of the project was to create an installation in which people could participate and reflect about peace.

To make this they asked participants to write down on a piece of paper how they make peace on their everyday life, the the paper was folded into an origami with a smart blinking led. Next the person had to take his message to a special air shoot ant send it up into the air all the way to the top of the Vancouver Public Library. Once the folded paper came out of the shoot it flew down like a maple seed and landed on a large net.

Over the course of the days the net got more and more populated with blinking seeds creating a large beautiful installation that would not have been possible without people’s participation.

Seed of Truce from Alex Beim on Vimeo.