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Shipwreck and Fractal Cult


Hello everyone we would like to encourage you to help us support this kickstarter campaign and help this group of architecture students to implement and deploy their computational design strategies at one of the most radical expression happenings in the world , the Burning Man Festival.

Two projects aiming to create an explorative, playful and interactive experience for visitors of the 2013 Burning Man festival.

Kickstarter Campaign

This is a gift to the Burning Man community from a group of architectural students from Westminster University, London. We would like you to help us give that gift, in the spirit of the festival.

After two designs were successfully approved by the Black Rock Arts Foundation, we received partial funding for their construction for the 2013 Burning Man Festival, however now we are seeking the rest of the funding for their completion.

We will be on site from the 19th August until the 3rd September and will spend two weeks in the desert to build the two art pieces.

Project One: Shipwreck


Physical Description | Shipwreck stands as an abstracted vision of a twisted, upturned boat hull. Visually, the main structure consists of two concave forms – the cave (of the earth) and the hammock (of the sky), each serving a different purpose.

The principal structure is composed of multiple steam-bent plywood strips, each perforated with a predetermined pattern of circular holes composed in a wave formation. The perforations serve to allow patterns to be cast on The Playa floor, both throughout the day as the sun tracks around the pavilion and at night when the structure is illuminated.

The sail will provide shade and a degree of protection from the prevailing winds to those occupying the hammock structure.

Interactivity | When occupied, the structure offers two different opportunities for seating; the ‘cave’ and the ‘hammock’. People can take shelter in the shade provided by the cave or, alternatively, bask in the sun on the hammock.

Dimensions | Timber Structure: 8220mm(l) x 2900mm(w) x 4060mm(h) Overall Footprint: 8220mm(l) x 7615mm(w)

Project concept

Project Two: Fractal Cult


Physical Description | Fractal Cult’s geometry is based on one of the earliest fractal curves to be described, the Koch Snowflake. It is essentially its adaptation in three dimensions, creating beauty through its symmetric nature. The installation consists of four fractal timber-pods with kaleidoscope-like interiors that symmetrically surround a space frame-like structure of similar fractal nature with climbing nets dressing the geometry’s faces.

The timber pods act as intimate spaces that can provide shelter or meditation space, when the main steel structure welcomes climbers and engagement in all sorts of ways creating a lively, communal hub.

Interactivity | The timber pods act as intimate spaces that can provide shelter or meditation space, when the main steel structure welcomes climbers and engagement in all sorts of ways creating a lively, communal hub.

Dimensions | Timber Structure (x 4): 2400mm(l) x 2400mm(w) x 2100mm(h) Scaffolding main structure: 12000mm(l) x 12000mm(w) x 8500mm(h) Overall Footprint: 30000mm(l) x 30000mm(w)

Project concept

Contributions will:

– Purchase 2 generators needed for the lights

– Rent the appropriate equipment needed to construct the two projects

– Cover the additional cost to transport the sculpture and equipment. (Two 24 ft trucks are required to transport the sculpture and equipment) This will include returning the scaffolding and other parts that cannot be burnt.

– Additional costs for construction and materials not covered by initial funding (CNC machine is essential for its construction which has proved costly – we also need 13000 hinges & bolts not previously accounted for)

All labour is volunteered, so this money will all go to material supplies and transportation costs.